Bio Revitaliser – Profhilo / TKN HA 3

Profhilo Treatment


Are you concerned with signs of skin ageing and had dermal filler treatment, then Profhilo™ is also a suitable treatment?

 What is Profhilo™ Treatment?

 Profhilo™ is a stabilised injectable hyaluronic acid indicated for the treatment of tissue remodelling and skin laxity, free of any chemical crosslinking agents.

The key to Profhilo’s™ popularity is a unique structure and balance of scientific properties, including a high cohesivity, that allow the product to flow freely through subcutaneous tissue and the dermis, in a way that traditional hyaluronic acid fillers cannot.

Hybrid complexing allows Profhilo™ to provide greater benefits than each type of hyaluronic acid it contains, without the disadvantages.

Profhilo has better active restorative capabilities than low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. However, rather than being proinflammatory, Profhilo is actually less inflammatory than even high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, and also has its restructuring capabilities.

How does Profhilo work?

 Profhilo™ can be administered in a number of different ways, however the most common and effective method used is the BAP technique in treatments and BAP stands for bio aesthetic points but what does this mean?

Simply it means five areas on each side of the face are injected, while this will vary slightly depending on your face shape the positions are usually on the lower part of the face and would be discussed during initial client consultation.


The reason for this to be done is to help reduce the number of injections needed and to allow the Profhilo™ treatment to more effectively fight the signs of ageing.

Areas you can treat and Benefits of Profhilo™:

Areas to treat are face or neck, or both

It gives hydration, luminosity, sparkle, firmness, strength to the skin with a very potent anti-ageing effect

Profhilo™ Treatment Intervenes:

  • In the physiological process of aging tissue, in presence of alterations in elastic fibers and collagen.
  • In the dermal tissue repair process, in cases of acne or scars.
  • In case of loss or compromised adipose tissue.

Profhilo™ Results:

Overall, patients can expect increased firmness, elasticity and an overall improved quality of skin, with the effects lasting up to six months.

Two treatments are recommended four weeks apart. 

Profhilo Body

Is the newest bio revitiliser on the market, being introduced late 2021, it specifically is designed for the forearms and stomach to improve wrinkly and laxity skin areas, improving upto 2 lifts on the Glogau scale. clients receive patches and cream to use at home. Gaining the full body treatment!

Bio Revitaliser Profhilo / TKN HA 3 £275.00
30 mins per treatment, second treatment required 28 days later
Profhilo Body Stomach £600.00
30 mins includes 2 treatments 30 days apart
Profhilo Body forearms £500.00
30 mins per treatment, second treatment required 30 days later



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